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SITYO is a mobile restaurant platform that connects restaurants to their diners. Diners can browse a menu, order & pay right from their own device. The future of dining is here, and it starts with SITYO.

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Our Mission

Support restaurants, especially during these times, by creating an enhanced, frictionless dining experience. We're doing this by connecting restaurants directly with diners through a more transparent, efficient, contactless, and simple-to-pay app.

For Diners

Dining out is a crucial part of our lives from birthdays to first dates, family traditions, holidays, and many more life events that we celebrate in restaurants. SITYO wants to evolve this experience, make it a little easier as well as safe for both restaurants and diners, especially during these unprecedented times.


Browse the menu with beautiful photos and detailed descriptions of menu items, directly on your own mobile device.


Just like a normal sit-down restaurant experience. No need to figure out what you need to order in advance nor pay in advance!

Stay Connected

Connect with your server quickly! Make requests for refills, napkins, and utensils directly in the app.

Mobile Pay

No more awkward “check dance”. Pay and tip on your mobile device when you’re ready to leave!

For Restaurants

Staff & Tables

Easily onboard your team, assign tables, and manage tables from your own device.

Order Management

Diners communicate with wait staff directly in app, eliminating time wasted taking orders and mid-meal requests. SITYO’s efficiency leads to quicker table turnover.

with Diners

With SITYO, get to know your diners' favorite drinks and other menu items to offer them a more personalized experience.


Diners can send as many orders as they’d like, and when they are done, waiters can simply close with a tap of a button on their device.

Bring Your
Own Device

Accept orders, alerts and digital payments without additional POS hardware that you need to buy, maintain, and bring to the tables. Simply download our app, install, and you are ready to get started!






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COVID Support

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, dining in-restaurant must change. SITYO is here to help you get “back to normal” without exorbitant cost and labor increases.

Implement contactless and reduce face-to-face interactions while still providing personalized, high level service and experiences for diners.

Fewer tables due to capacity and table-spacing restrictions will reduce revenue unless restaurants adopt more efficient operations and quicker table turn-over.

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